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TN-HDT Refresher Workshop

Tennessee Hydrologic Determination Refresher Course Information

The TN-HDT Refresher course is a one day review course for those individuals that have successfully completed the TN Hydrologic Determination Training course within the past three years and are either a TN Qualified Hydrologic Professional (TN-QHP) or a TN Qualified Hydrologic Professional In-Training (TN-QHP IT). In the rules that establish the Tennessee Qualified Hydrologic Professional training program, (Chapter 0400-40-17), Section 0400-04-17-.3 Maintenance and Revocation of Certification states Once a person has been certified by the department as a qualified hydrologic professional, he or she must successfully complete a refresher course offered by the department every three years in order to maintain such certification. Successful completion of the Refresher course involves attending the one day course and passing the field exam at the end. The TN-HDT Refresher course provides six Professional Development Hours (6 PDHs) and three year extension of the TN-QHP certification.

Cost: The course fee is $250.00 per person.

To see the TN-HDT Refresher course agenda, click here.

For questions regarding the TN-HDT Refresher course contact Tim Gangaware at (865) 974-2151 or