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TN-HDT Workshop

Tennessee Hydrologic Determination Training Course Information

This course has been developed and is offered to meet the requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 69-3-105, including establishing standard procedures for making stream and wet weather conveyance determinations that take into consideration biology, geology, geomorphology, precipitation, hydrology and other scientifically based principles and a certification program for TDEC staff and other person who wish to become certified hydrologic professionals. Persons meeting the minimum qualifications set forth in Chapter 0400-40-17.01 and successfully completing the TN-HDT course and course exam will be certified as a Tennessee Qualified Hydrologic Professional (TN-QHP).

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The Hydrologic Determination Training (HDT) course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of the underlying scientific principles, the legal jurisdictional ramifications and the practical investigative techniques surrounding the delineation of hydrologic features in Tennessee. Those attending the course will become familiar with:

• Rules and regulations governing the “hydrologic determinations” of streams vs. wet weather conveyance in Tennessee.
• How to use the TDEC Hydrologic Determinations (HD) Guidance document and field data sheet for conducting HDs.
• Primary and secondary indicators used to identify streams vs. wet weather conveyances.
• Basic concepts of stream geomorphology and stream ecology.
• Process and materials required for submitting a HD to TDEC Division of Water Resources.

For more details see the full course agenda, click here.

Registration: Individuals wishing to attend the course must register for a scheduled course. After registering the individual is encouraged to fill out a TN-QHP application form, click here, and submit along with the application fee ($50). You will be notified once your application form has been reviewed and accepted. If you do not meet the minimum qualifications, you may still attend the TN-HDT course but will not become TN-QHP certified until you meet all minimum qualifications. 

TN-QHP Certification: Individuals who, 1.) meet the minimum qualifications, and 2.) successfully complete the 4 day course and score 80 or better on the course exam, will become a Tennessee-Qualified Hydrologic Professional (TN-QHP). Your certification will be valid for 3 years from date of issuances.

Cost: A $50 application fee must be submitted at the time of application. The course fee is $900 per person, pre-paid and non-refundable. See registration form page for course fee payment options.

Course materials and logistics: Two weeks prior to the course, you will be provided a CD that includes the TDEC Guidance for Making Hydrologic Determinations document, the Hydrologic Determination Field Data Sheet, rules guiding the Certification of Qualified Hydrologic Professionals and relevant reference materials. It is your responsibility to review and be familiar with these materials prior to attending the course.

There are several field exercises as part of the 4 day course, so please bring boots and clothing for field work including rain gear.

Times: Check-in on Day 1 is at 8:00-8:30 am. Class is 8:30-5:00 pm on Days 1, 2 and 3, 8:00-4:00 pm on Day 4. All times are flexible.

Lunch and refreshment breaks will be provided all 4 days.

Lodging: A block of rooms at a nearby hotel or state park inn will be held. Once you have registered for a course you will be provided with lodging contact information. It is your responsibility to make your own reservations.