Certification of Qualified Hydrologic Professionals and Standard Operating Procedures for Hydrologic Determinations (Stream/Wet Weather Conveyance Determinations) 

The Tennessee Hydrologic Determination (TN-HDT) Course has been developed and is offered to meet the requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 69-3-105, including establishing standard procedures for making stream and wet weather conveyance determinations that take into consideration biology, geology, geomorphology, precipitation, hydrology and other scientifically based principles and a certification program for TDEC staff and other persons who wish to become certified hydrologic professionals. Persons meeting the minimum qualifications set forth in Chapter 0400-40-17.01 and successfully completing the TN-HDT course and course exam will be certified as a Tennessee Qualified Hydrologic Professional (TN-QHP).

Training courses are offered as a step in becoming a certified Qualified Hydrologic Professional (QHP). Successful completion of the training course is one of the requirements for certification as a QHP. For more information concerning this training course please click on the information bar above to learn about the TN-HDT Course. Availability of training is subject to payment of a fee and may be limited by available space in the classes.

If you have questions please contact Tim Gangaware at (865) 974-2151.



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